One year grain free and mostly dairy free.

It was this week last year that I went to Robb Wolf’s nutrition seminar and our family decides to start a gluten free, grain free, dairy free diet. After a year I have seen great changes and do not wish to go back to eating grains. We do include a little more dairy now (like occasional raw milk cheese, or cheese in something at a restaurant or heavy cream in our coffee) but it is not something we eat daily except for Ryan our 4 year old.I think if you are a growing person with little bodyfat it is OK but we never do cow’s milk only almond. I have really enjoyed learning to cook and eat this way and have a list of pro’s an cons from this life change.


There is a lot of cooking! 90% of what we eat has to be homeade and cooked form scratch.

It can cost more.

There are less restaraunts to choose form when you want or need to go out.

There is a lot of grocery shopping.

Pro’s…….so many more pro’s.

We feel better!

Less body fat.

Injuries have disappeared. (I had plantar faciitis when I started this AND a shoulder injury and they were both quickly gone)

I feel GREAT about what my kids eat.

Collin (8 year old with autism) has improved behavior, improved attention and less body fat)

*Just a note on Collin-he was gluten free casein free already but was taking in lots of RICE, CORN, POTATOES  and some sugar. We took that out of his diet)

We have encouraged other to eat this way and they have seen excellent results (like my 66 year old mother who remains very healthy and is on NO medications)

Grocery Shopping is EASIER. Just go to the meat sections, maybe the deli, then produce and your out!! Only the perimeter of the store!

We have gotten stronger. My husband and I both strength trained this year and made incredible gains.

We stay healthier. No colds or flu in this house!

Less tired.

Better skin.

And last I know we have made a good change that will help us to live a longer and healthier life.

We have found a good balance in eating this way. We still go out with friend to dinner and have gotten really good as to knowing where to go or what to order. If we stray from our diet we eat corn, or cheese or potatoes maybe rice but never gluten.Gluten disrupts us the most. Never beans either.

I am proud of our family and look forward to another grain free, dairy free Thanksgiving today!

Gobble Gobble


About christybutch

Hi! I am Christy Butch. Married to Garrett Butch and the mother of two boys, Collin and Ryan. I am the Co-Founder of Maximum Potential, a company that teaches people how to work with autistic children. I am also a Strength Coach CF-L1 Instructor and Olympic Lift Coach as well as Nutrition Certified. This blog is about the journey to drastically change my families diet to better our immediate and long term health. I am excited to see what lies in store for us, especially my 7 year old who is autistic.We are now following a diet of meat.vegetables.nuts,seeds,little starch and little sugar.
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2 Responses to One year grain free and mostly dairy free.

  1. Sarah says:

    I wanted to thank you for your wonderful website. I am member of No Excuses Crossfit in Suwanee and have been Paleo for 5 months now. Your website helped me to stay Paleo for our 90 day challenge, which I came in second, only to my husband.

    Thanks again!

    • christybutch says:

      That is fantastic! Congrats to you both. It is so much better when your family does it too. If you like training CrossFit style I have another blog with training tips called

      So glad to hear about your success and thanks for posting it on the blog.

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