Cooking with olive oil

Does cooking with olive oil ( a good fat) destroy it’s health benefits? The answer is no. I have heard this myth many times and wondered. According to an article in Cooking Light magazine April 2010, even delicate extra virgin olive oils can take heat WITH OUT sacrificing nutrition. Heart-healthy monounsaturated fats are not unfavorably altered by heat. Taste and nutrition can both remain stable when cooking if you keep the oil below the “smoking point” which is about 405 degrees for extra virgin olive oil.

Storing your olive oil is important in order to keep the fats and phytonutrients stable. Store olive oil in unopened opaque bottles, at room temperature  away from heat and light for up to two years. Store opened bottles at room temperature as well and use with in 6 months.


About christybutch

Hi! I am Christy Butch. Married to Garrett Butch and the mother of two boys, Collin and Ryan. I am the Co-Founder of Maximum Potential, a company that teaches people how to work with autistic children. I am also a Strength Coach CF-L1 Instructor and Olympic Lift Coach as well as Nutrition Certified. This blog is about the journey to drastically change my families diet to better our immediate and long term health. I am excited to see what lies in store for us, especially my 7 year old who is autistic.We are now following a diet of meat.vegetables.nuts,seeds,little starch and little sugar.
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