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What to buy organic….aka “The Dirty Dozen” and what you do NOT have to buy organic…a top 15 list.

What should you buy organic???? It is important to buy MEAT, DAIRY (if you consume that) and COFFEE from organic farms and growers. In addition, here is a list called “The Dirty Dozen” which is a list of vegetables that … Continue reading

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Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free Organic Chicken Tenders! Wooohooo!

I have been “threatening” to replace my kids chicken tenders with something that is grain free. They have been eating organic gluten free chicken nuggets/tenders, but those still contain rice flour and corn starch ect. This was very easy to … Continue reading

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Looking at Calories

Have you ever looked at the number of calories you eat? If you look at the grams of food you take in just remember that PROTEIN and CARBOHYDRATE ARE 4 CALORIES PER GRAM. FAT IS 9 CALORIES PER GRAM. Many … Continue reading

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Very Meaty Jambalaya

I adapted this recipe from Cooking Light. I used Cauliflower rice instead of grain rice. I also used chicken and sausage and the recipe called for shrimp. I think all three would be GREAT! We loved this dish. It is … Continue reading

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More Dairy Info from

The Evils of Dairy Most people will aim to achieve optimal health and wellness during their lives, un-fortunately a lot of people believe their current nutritional diet is fantastic and leading them to a healthy lifestyle, but in actual fact … Continue reading

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I like this article. Read part 1 and 2. Avoiding Grains Part 1 As humans, we didn’t adapt to eat grains, we also didn’t adapt to consume dairy and processed sugars. However looking at our diet they are one of the most consumed foods, with fresh vegetables, fruits, … Continue reading

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Pistachio Chicken is YUMMY!!!!!

I made some Pistachio Chicken yesterday. I used a recipe form Elana’s Cookbook Almond Flour and Gluten Free Cooking. I ran out of pistachios so I switched to pecans so we had a variety. We decided the pistachio was a … Continue reading

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