Birthday Parties and Cupcakes

So Ryan has a birthday party today too. We made grain free dairy free brownies (in blog below this week) for his party on Friday and today he is going to PLAY for another. Ryan and I made cupcakes following this recipe.

Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes with Vegan Chocolate Frosting
½ cup coconut flour, sifted
½ teaspoon celtic sea salt
¼ teaspoon baking soda
6 eggs
½ cup grapeseed oil
½ cup agave nectar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

  1. In a medium bowl, combine coconut flour, salt and baking soda
  2. In a small bowl, blend together eggs, grapeseed oil, agave and vanilla
  3. Mix wet ingredients into dry and blend with a mixer or hand blender until smooth
  4. Pour batter into well oiled muffin tins
  5. Bake at 350° for 20 minutes
  6. Cool completely
  7. Top with chocolate frosting

We made these in kind of a hurry. I was rushing out to go teach CrossFit. As I poured the batter into the muffin cups I realized there was lots of flour on the bottom of the bowl. So they did NOT turn out great. BUT they have a delicious flavor. I will try them again, probably this morning b/c I still need cupcakes for the party.

What I usually do with my kids is make a dozen or two of cupcakes that are gluten free and dairy free then freeze them and when a party comes up or an event at school where the Mom’s are bringing in cakes ect. I send in one cupcake for the boys. The teachers and staff are all aware of their “allergies” and are always good about asking me what they can and can not eat.

Yesterday one of Collin’s teachers brought in apple pie and knew to e-mail us to ask if he could have some (“NO”). If I know in advance what they are going to serve I can pretty much duplicate it with the ingredients I choose.

Parents ALWAYS ask me “how in the world do you keep up with that, find time, figure it out ect?” I have been doing this so long for Collin who has been on the GFCF diet since age 20 months due to autism, that I really don’t know any different. I do it for Ryan (age 3) just the same and it really is not that difficult. Ryan’s school has pizza day every Wednesday and I send in a gluten free pizza for him every Wednesday. I either make it or buy a frozen one form a specialty store. I just try to stay prepared.At Collin’s and Ryan’s school the parents send out an e-mail to the class list and will let us know a day or two in advance when they are going to come in and bring a “treat” for a child’s birthday. I just grab a cupcake out of the freezer and add it to their lunch.I use these little carriers. My kids are fine with this and so far it has never been a problem!


About christybutch

Hi! I am Christy Butch. Married to Garrett Butch and the mother of two boys, Collin and Ryan. I am the Co-Founder of Maximum Potential, a company that teaches people how to work with autistic children. I am also a Strength Coach CF-L1 Instructor and Olympic Lift Coach as well as Nutrition Certified. This blog is about the journey to drastically change my families diet to better our immediate and long term health. I am excited to see what lies in store for us, especially my 7 year old who is autistic.We are now following a diet of meat.vegetables.nuts,seeds,little starch and little sugar.
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2 Responses to Birthday Parties and Cupcakes

  1. chickiepea says:

    I find agave more than a little scary, so it is out for us. But pre-making goodies is a FANTASTIC idea!! Thanks!

  2. christybutch says:

    Thanks for the link. When I got nutrition certified our instructor said agave nectar was bad too. I have used it a little in some recipes but this link is a great explanation of why it is not good. Thank you. I have altered some of the recipes with honey, maybe you could try that too.

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