Monday…new recipes and much success!

After hitting Trader Joe’s last night and coming home with a ton of groceries, I attempted some Paleo recipes today. I would not consider our diet to be Paleo because we do eat things with nutrition labels and some of the snacks or treats I plan to make for my kids have some sugar or natural sugar products in them but they are few and far between. The boys are totally gluten free but it will be  a process to remove all grains right away. Collin is autistic and autistic people do NOT love change. As long as I can remember Collin has eaten 2 pieces of rice toast with Earth Balance (soy butter product), bacon and strawberries EVERY MORNING for breakfast. One of his other favorite snacks is gluten free (gf)pretzels too. I recently removed all potato chips, corn chips, vegetable oils (like in  frozen french fries) AND peanut butter from the boys diet so I am not going to fight over rice toast and pretzels……yet!

I made a delicious omelette this morning with the WHOLE EGG, fresh sliced tomatoes, sautéed onions, cooked in coconut oil (a magic gut healer) with sliced avocado on top. My mother in law, my mother (both visiting), my husband Garrett and myself really enjoyed it. We had fresh strawberries and a couple slices of bacon too. Ryan ate strawberries and bacon and Collin had his standard breakfast earlier.

I then proceeded to make some grain free crackers. I used a recipe I found on Elana’s Pantry website. I just ordered her cook book too.

She has some great recipes I think. The kids vetoed the crackers but it gave me a base to try something else with the recipe to make some crackers they may like in the future and the adults all liked them. They have a lot of sesamee seeds so you have to like that flavor.

I then made Paleo Pizza.

This is not new to me. Kim Trego from CrossFit North Fulton told me about this recipe and I have made it before. It is from Scott Hagnas at Catalyst Athletics  ( I made it just to have in the fridge for lunches this week.

Garrett took a “big salad” to work today and topped it with baked chicken. He uses balsamic vinegar (paleo friendly) and olive oil (also pf) for dressing.I made stir fry with frozen veggies and chicken, and sesame oil for myself.

I bought pistachios as a new nut for a snack and both kids liked those. They usually eat cashews.

The kids and I ate apples for snacks and drank lots of water. The kids drink either apple juice or almond milk or carrot/apple juice for drinks.Ryan ate a soy yogurt with some cashews and raisins in it. Collin had an organic GFCF bar for lunch with some nuts, a banana, water,and a few rice crackers.

For DINNER I made a whole chicken.(free range organic chicken from Trader Joe’s) I put balsamic vinegar, grape seed oil, and salt all over it and sprigs of rosemary under it and slices of apple all around the pan. It was DELICIOUS!!!  Garrett and I and my mother in law (mom left earlier) really loved it. The apples were the best! We added brussel sprouts as a side and my mother in law had a baked sweet potato(not a fan of the sprouts). It was probably a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10. The kids ate organic buffalo burgers with organic catsup, applesauce and a few strawberries. (The chicken was not ready when they were hungry!)

All in all it was a great day. Aside form Collin’s rice toast and a few gluten free pretzels we had a totally grain free and dairy free day.


About christybutch

Hi! I am Christy Butch. Married to Garrett Butch and the mother of two boys, Collin and Ryan. I am the Co-Founder of Maximum Potential, a company that teaches people how to work with autistic children. I am also a Strength Coach CF-L1 Instructor and Olympic Lift Coach as well as Nutrition Certified. This blog is about the journey to drastically change my families diet to better our immediate and long term health. I am excited to see what lies in store for us, especially my 7 year old who is autistic.We are now following a diet of meat.vegetables.nuts,seeds,little starch and little sugar.
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